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On February 13, 1866, a group of gunmen carried out one of the first daylight, peacetime, armed bank robberies in . history when they held up the Clay County Savings Association in Liberty, Missouri . The outlaws stole some $60,000 in cash and bonds (equivalent to $981,000 in 2016 [3] ) and killed a bystander on the street outside the bank. [4] State authorities suspected Archie Clement of leading the raid, and promptly issued a reward for his capture. In later years, the list of suspects grew to include Jesse [5] and Frank James, Cole Younger, John Jarrett, Oliver Shepard, Bud and Donny Pence, Frank Greg, Bill and James Wilkerson, Joab Perry, Ben Cooper, Red Mankus, and Allen Parmer (who later married Susan James, Frank and Jesse's sister).

After breakfast on April 3, 1882, Jesse turned to straighten a picture on a wall of his home, and Bob shot Jesse in the back of the head. Jesse died instantly at age 34. People in Missouri were outraged at the method used to capture him and considered it a cowardly assassination. Within three months, Frank surrendered to Crittenden. The juries would not convict on the meager evidence, so Frank resumed a quiet life.

All along their routes, the outlaws conducted themselves as gentlemen, paying for everything they received and not drawing attention to themselves. As no photographs of them were yet published, they could take on any identity they wished. While traveling — to such places as Columbia, Ky., in April 1872; Adair, Iowa, in July 1873; Corinth, Miss., and Muncie, Kan., in 1874; and to the new bank at Huntington, ., in September 1875 — they used maps and a compass and, to be on the safe side, avoided well-traveled roads. Daniel Webster ‘Kit’ Dalton, a former guerrilla and gang member and the author of Under the Black Flag , said that he supplied information for the Corinth bank robbery and also rode with the gang when it was operating in Missouri, Kentucky and Texas. The boys did get around and were always prepared for trouble, each member wearing as many as three revolvers and carrying rifles and shotguns in their saddle scabbards. After their crimes, they could always count on family and friends to provide hideouts and support.

Later in 1969, Szymczyk was music coordinator for the George Englund movie Zachariah (which was eventually released in 1971), based on the novel Siddhartha by writer Hermann Hesse . Szymczyk arranged for the band to appear in the movie, with two James Gang songs, "Laguna Salada" and "Country Fever", also being used. For the recording of these two songs, vocalist Kenny Weiss, a friend of Fox's, was brought in to allow Walsh to focus on his guitar playing. However, Weiss was gone by the time the group arrived in Mexico to film their scenes in the movie. "Laguna Salada" and "Country Fever" later reappeared as bonus tracks on the 2000 re-release of The James Gang Greatest Hits . [4]

The James Gang's home port is picturesque Onancock, Virginia along the Chesapeake Bay, where striped bass (rockfish), red and black drum, trout, croaker and many other species thrive. If you prefer another launch site, we can trailer to your Eastern Shore port of choice.

While history recognizes Henrietta Younger-Rawlins as a sister to the notorious Younger brothers, history has ignored her husband A. Bledsoe Rawlins entirely. When Retta married Rawlins, she brought together two families that had known each other for over 100 years, through three generations.

Regarding your statement that Mrs. Jesse James “refused all offers to publish books or other information regarding Jesse’s life,” she did appear on vaudeville as seen below:

James Gang The James Gang Funk #48James Gang The James Gang Funk #48James Gang The James Gang Funk #48James Gang The James Gang Funk #48