Jason sparks the one eyed man

Said another: "Yeah let's just let all things pass under the rug, huh? Never said it was blackface, but you can't tell me she didn't add a lil extra tan."

One said that it had to be "Superman from planet Krypton", while others joked that it was Father Christmas taking his reindeer for a test run ahead of Christmas Day.

“It brings up a sad reminder that every city and town could have things happen whether it’s intentionally or accidentally.”

It all started off innocent enough, with an acclaimed director bringing Hollywood’s biggest stars to the Philippines, where a young Sofia Coppola (future director of Lost in Translation) quipped, “It looks like the Disneyland jungle cruise.” (A) Then all hell broke loose. A massive typhoon named Olga wiped out the sets and shut down production for two months to rebuild. The Philippine government offered helicopters to use on set, but suddenly recalled them to fend off rebel forces. Martin Sheen suffered a near-fatal heart attack at the young age of 36, receiving last rites from a non-English speaking priest and being sidelined for five weeks.

 · Santa ‘sightings’: Meteor ‘ lighting up sky' over Lapland sparks frenzy . THIS is the amazing moment a falling meteor lit up the night ...

In the Theogony by Hesiod , the cyclopes – Brontes ("thunderer"), Steropes ("lightning") and Arges ("bright") (Greek: Βρόντης, Στερόπης and Ἄργης) – were the primordial sons of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth) and brothers of the Hekatonkheires and the Titans . As such, they were blood-related to the Titan and Olympian gods and goddesses. [16] They were giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead and a foul disposition. According to Hesiod , they were strong and stubborn. Collectively they eventually became synonyms for brute strength and power, and their name was invoked in connection with massive masonry or blacksmithery . They were often pictured at their forge .

'Holy crap! That's amazing,' wrote one fan of the make-over. 'I would've never been able to tell that those two pictures were the same person. If this is your work, you have an amazing talent!'

Enter Clarence and his plan to save George. He magically transforms Bedford Falls into an alternate reality so that George can see what the world would be like if he didn’t exist. The result is a dark existence for the town and all who inhabit it.

Jason Sparks The One Eyed ManJason Sparks The One Eyed ManJason Sparks The One Eyed ManJason Sparks The One Eyed Man