Ray munnings - it can happen to you

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Just out of interest, which is your pick of the sides....Funky Nassau is good, but its Jump In The Water which is my choice side....

Although Munnings is one of the best-known painters of British sporting scenes today, he's not a tortured Van Gogh type who failed to garner appreciation until after his death. He was elected president of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1944, the same year he was knighted. While private patrons paid great sums for his commissions, the paintings he did for himself were appreciated, too; after his death in 1959, his widow turned their home in Dedham into a museum of his work, which is still in operation today. One of his pre-race scenes, The Red Prince Mare, brought $7,848,000 at a Sotheby's auction in 2007.

Doong Spank is the title of the fourth studio album by Bahamas -based musical group Baha Men . It was their second studio album on a major label.

Traditional puzzles start with the finest art available. Choose from a vast array of categories and themes -- beautiful landscapes or colorful florals, for example. They're often crafted with an irregular edge. You may request personal pieces such as names, dates, and special figure shapes called silhouettes.

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B onhams confirmed after the auction that it had been sold privately, but neither the price nor the buyer was divulged. Specialist Asian art dealers, Sydney L Moss in Mayfair, currently has a group of Zeshin’s work for sale priced between £20,000 and £40,000, but the Bonham’s work, they say, is bigger and equivalent to a similar panel by Zeshin that sold for £842,500 three years ago. Presumably, therefore, someone made an offer far in excess of the estimate that Bonhams could not refuse. The bets are that the panel is headed for a museum in the Gulf.

Ray Munnings - It Can Happen To YouRay Munnings - It Can Happen To YouRay Munnings - It Can Happen To YouRay Munnings - It Can Happen To You