Best fwends - second seven inch

You needn’t look further into the past than this year for releases that have concurred with the notion: Ryan Adams’s END OF THE WORLD box set paired his record Prisoner with a pop-up stage equipped with band members, working lights and sounds (and cats); Alexis Taylor’s Listen With(out) Piano is a stand-alone record but can be played concurrently with his previous album  Piano ; Aidan Moffatt’s final release as L. Pierre, 1948- , will be left with no cover, open to the elements and liable to scratches and scars.

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The stars put on their Kentucky Derby best this weekend. Sarah Hyland, of "Modern Family," and Vanessa Milano along with her husband Nick Lachey looked Southern chic in their formal spring attire while signing a three-liter bottle of , the official champagne of the Derby, for charity.


Best Fwends - Second Seven InchBest Fwends - Second Seven InchBest Fwends - Second Seven InchBest Fwends - Second Seven Inch